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I’m just someone who happened to be visiting friends in San Francisco when AIDS/LifeCycle 7 was about to start and one of those friends was participating. I went to opening ceremonies, and I walked out determined to participate. That was 2008. Since then, I’ve ridden in AIDS/LifeCycle four times. The monies I’ve raised have gone on to fund the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles LGBT Center to provide everything from research, outreach programs, mental health programs, housing, advocacy, education, and STI testing. for those with HIV/AIDS and those groups who are at high risk for infection. The HIV/AIDS epidemic is far from over. I have also participated in the Atlanta-based AIDS Vaccine 200, raising monies that have gone to the Emory Vaccine Center/Hope Vaccine Clinic for vaccine research and Positive Impact Health Centers, which also provides mental health services, substance abuse programs, STI testing, education, etc.

If one of us has AIDS, we all do.

Note: Iā€™m not planning to ride in any events in the near future (Go get your COVID vaccine!), but you can still donate to any of these organizations.

Other organizations worthy of your money are the Black AIDS Institute and Casey House.